A day at The High Line  

The High Line is an elevated green space that extends from 34th street to Gansevoot street. Situated closely to the Hudson yards and the Jacob Javits Center, an area under heavy redevelopment. While exploring the High Line one can truly appreciate the view of the Hudson River and surrounding landscapes. 

Spanning throughout 10th avenue the High Line is full of history from Manhattan’s past growth. In 1847, rail road tracks were introduced into the area to ship freight. During this time many accidents and deaths occurred on 10th avenue which became known as Death Avenue. For safety reasons the railroads hired men to ride on horse back to alert pedestrians of the upcoming train. These men were known as the West Side Cowboys!

It was not until 1929 when New York State and the railroad company agreed it was too hazardous to continue and signed a project to develop the elevated rail system we see today. The rise of interstate trucking in the 1950s led to the overall disuse of the structure. It was not until 1999 when the non profit Friends of The High Line advocated to repurpose the structure as an elevated park, much like the Promenade Planteé in Paris. This worked out great for everyone and in 2014 the project was 99% completed (final touches to be completed this year). Along with the redevelopment of the Hudson yards, the High Line will live on as a much needed green space for the ever changing city.


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