Located roughly two miles north of Fayetteville, Clark Park stretches along the boundaries of Cape Fear River. Clark Park is the second largest regional park dedicated to preserving the natural woodland area and educating the public on North Carolina wildlife.

Clark Park contains three trails that wind through the park and allow visitors close interaction with the Cape Fear River. Considered a gem by locals, this park offers scenic spots for picnics and exploration. Park rangers offer training courses and events at the park to engage and educate the public.

This nature park was named respectfully after Jerome Bayard Clark, a former U.S. Senator. Born on 1882 on the Phoebus Plantation near Elizabethtown, Clark became a local lawyer and congressmen. After his work in the senate Clark lived out the rest of his years practicing law and died in Fayetteville in 1959. This park was named in his honor along with a portrait that still hangs in the courthouse.

Exploring this nature park reminded me of the North Woods in Central Park. The designers of both parks were masterful in preserving the natural environment while allowing the public a closer interaction with Mother Nature.